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A Husband and Wife team comprised of Steve & Dottie Schreck. Even before we met each other (over 17 yrs ago) photography was always a serious part of our lives then as it is now. We are blessed to have the opportunity to share our passion of photography with you. Back in the day when you burned images onto rolls of film, to the digital world of today that offers wonderful and endless possibilities. We have always understood that today’s pictures, images (as you will) are the memories that will last a lifetime. Not just for us personally but for everyone else as well. It has been said ever since the beginnings of photography that a picture is worth a thousand words. We do our best to give you that “thousand’s of words” in every picture and we strive to tell a story and show emotions in our images that we have the privilege to take for you. We, as you, cherish photos as priceless heirlooms and understand how meaningful they really are.
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